Durmomo's Story

World Relief Support Services Coordinator, Durmomo Gary, shares his experience as an immigrant in the United States.


2020 Global Gala

Our first ever Virtual Global Gala was a huge hit! Watch it all over again right here. And don't forget to give at worldrelief.org/globalgala.


2020 Global Gala: Mawi Asgedom

"One of the things I've come to know about immigrants and refugees--as I grew up with so many of them here in the United States-- is we're not here to take, we're here to give. And while we may need help in the very beginning to get started, to get launched in those early years, our desire and our hope is to give back 100x what we received."


2020 Global Gala: Ephraim Bugumba

"The song is called 'Waiting for the Rain to Come.' The song just highlights the magic that comes from a strong family bond. And I know right now with the global crisis that we're all experiencing, it is very, very important to celebrate family, because no matter what happens, family will always be there, and family will always be your anchor through everything."