Top Needs

These are the items most needed to help set up apartments for newly arriving refugee families:


Small kitchen tables (2-4 seats)

Household/Personal Items

We are out of:
5 Lbs Bags rice
Dried Lentils
Dried Chickpeas
Tall Kitchen garbage cans (13 gallon size)
Plastic Wrap

We are low on:
Kitchen Brooms
U.S. Postage (10 count "forever" stamps)
Tool kits
AA Batteries
Crib sheets
Travel sewing kits
Pack-n-Plays (please check for recalls on the Consumer Product Safety Commission website before donating)
Diapers - Size N and Size 1

Other needed items

Bicycles in good working condition
Grocery store gift cards. 
Pharmacy gift cards
Sponsoring Excel driving school lessons. 

To discuss furniture donations and possible home pick-up:
Bob Johnson
630-462-7566 x1019

To discuss household items:
Megan McQueen
630-462-7566 x 1014