Did you know that you can donate your appreciated stock to support World Relief?

If you’ve held shares for more than a year, you can claim a charitable deduction for the market value of the stock and avoid capital gains taxes by donating that money to WRDA! That means more savings for you and more of your hard-earned treasure being invested directly into our ministry for newly arrived refugee and immigrant families in our community.

To donate your appreciated securities, see the details below or check with your financial company to see if they offer donor-advised funds. You can also speak with your broker or contact Bill Janus, WRDA Development Director, at bjanus@wr.org or 847-910-1112.

Stock Gift Electronic Transfer Instructions:
Broker: Wells Fargo Securities - Baltimore, MD
DTC#: 0141
Account : First Clearing, LLC
Acct #: 87749885
Broker: Kathleen Schoff 410-573-6410
Please ask your broker to include your name, address and gift designation with the transaction.