Develop a Plan:

Beginning with the end in mind of welcoming immigrants and refugees well, WRDA is prepared to help church create an individualized plan for learning and launching into ministry.  The following strategies are examples of how to take a first step by creating a plan:

Church Engagement Strategy for smaller churches v2.pdf

RISE Awareness Campaign.pdf

World Relief has also developed a toolkit for churches, with much more to think about and many more resources to use, including video links, sermon outlines and more.  The toolkit is free to download.

Would you like to learn more about serving with WRDA before you bring your small group or church on the path?

Our general volunteer orientation is a great way to learn more about WRDA!

Orientations are scheduled regularly throughout the year and you can reserve a space by contacting Jamie Daling, WRDA Volunteer Services Manager at 630-462-7566 x 1046 or

In addition, WRDA can provide:
  • a learning lab experience for you to see what others are doing
  • a bibliography of recommended books on the subject
  • movies to watch
  • studies for small groups
  • sermon ideas for Sunday mornings

For more information, contact Keith Draper, Church Mobilizer at 630.462-7566 x1064 or