Prospect's 5th graders and teachers read aloud the book Refugee by Alan Gratz when participating in the 2018-2019's Global Read Aloud. Refugee tells the stories of three different child refugees in different points in history. The students read about Josef, a Jewish boy who is fleeing Nazi Germany in 1939, Isabel, a Cuban girl bound for America in 1994, and Mahmoud, a Syrian boy heading to modern Germany. The students empathized with these characters and were inspired to help refugees and immigrants rebuild their lives in the United States.

World Relief is a nonprofit organization that partners with local churches and community-based organizations across the United States to provide support for thousands of immigrants and refugees who are seeking a place to call home. This was the perfect organization to partner up with in order to make a difference to families all over the country.

Your donation will help provide: housing, language classes, employment services, transportation assistance, community connections, counseling, financial guidance, school/youth/parenting groups, immigration legal services, and much more!

Please help support Prospect Elementary's 5th graders' mission to help make a difference!