Help a new day dawn in your church as you build understanding of the plight of refugees and immigrants.

To help churches focus on refugee and immigrant neighbors, WRDA can help to design and deliver customized events to meet the needs of any church.  RISE events can include things like:

Educational Video

WRDA has produced a 4.5 minute video that helps Christians understand the journey of refugees and immigrants coming to Illinois. Playing this video in
services, classes or small groups can promote understanding and encourage involvement in the lives of vulnerable neighbors.


World Relief staff are available to come and present on God’s heart for refugees and immigrants. Presentations can be of any length and for any audience---a small group, the entire congregation or a youth gathering.

Special Prayer/Offering for Refugees and Immigrants

Include a special time of prayer/offering in your service to ask God’s blessings on refugees and immigrants living in our community, those who serve them, and to ask God’s guidance in how your congregation should be involved in the lives of these vulnerable neighbors.


To coordinate a RISE event in your church, contact Keith Draper, Church Mobilizer 630.462-7566 x1064 or