Creates stability for newly arrived refugees to enhance their ability to succeed in a new community. This is accomplished through basic needs provision and case management focused on goal setting, cultural adjustment, and resource connection.

Case Management supports each refugee as they establish a new life in America through assessments and planning, connection to local resources and on-going training.

Medical Casework offers transportation to and from medical clinics for required health screenings and vaccinations and instructs refugees on how to navigate the U.S. healthcare system. Additional medical assistance is provided to clients experiencing serious and chronic conditions.

Warehouse Management allows for the care and coordination of thousands of donated items to be given to newly-arrived refugee families as they establish lives in America.

Community Resource Coordination connects refugees with valuable resources including food stamps, cash assistance, Medicaid, libraries, food pantries and resale shops.

Ongoing Adjustment Counseling provides refugees with individual and group support as they adapt to U.S. culture. The format allows for questions, informational counseling, mediation and problem-solving.

Community & Church Connections link newly-arrived refugees with established refugee communities, social service organizations, and local churches and volunteers to facilitate integration and life-changing relationships.

Advocacy seeks to support refugee populations through the education of and relationship with local landlords, public transportation providers, legal representatives, and government and social service entities.

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