Individual Development Account (IDA)

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Welcome to a New Way of Saving!

An Individual Development Account, or IDA, helps you save towards an important goal. The program matches dollar for dollar the money you save. It also offers you financial education along the way. As part of the IDA Savings Program, you can use the money saved to buy a home, start a business, further your education and job training, and more.

Here's How It Works

You save what you can each paycheck, and the program matches every dollar you save up to $2000 for an individual, and $4000 for a household. The money is yours to spend on your goal.

Here's What You Get

As part of the program, you will receive these benefits:

  • Matched savings

  • Individual counseling

  • Financial training

Are You Eligible?

You are eligible to apply for the program if you meet the following requirements:

  • You are a refugee, asylee, or SIV

  • You have lived in the United States for less than 5 years

  • You are employed

Income Limits

To be eligible for the IDA Savings Program, your annual income must not exceed a certain amount based on the number of persons in your household. See the chart below to find out if your income qualifies you for the program.

Persons in Household Annual Income
1 $24,980
2 $33,820
3 $42,660
4 $51,500
5 $60,340
6 $69,180
7 $78,020
8 $86,860


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