Back to School Refugee Student Wins College Scholarship

25 Sep 2016

Vulnerable or Valuable? Business sees refugees as an asset In 2015, while living in a refugee camp in Tanzania, Ancila Munganyinka received a letter that she and her family had been approved to resettle to the United States. Her weary heart held a mix of hope and fear. This would be yet another...

29 Aug 2016

A sure sign of summer is the garden growing at First Baptist Church of Wheaton.  For the past eight or nine years, First Baptist has tilled up a large patch of land at the edge of the church’s property for former refugees, many of whom live in the apartments next door to the church, to plant...

28 Jul 2016

A Place to Call Home   -   Dr. Issam Smeir   -   Church Empowerment Zones   -   New Partnership  

21 Jun 2016

Job Class Works Focused Education Helps Refugees Succeed Until 2008, Heih Nawl and his family were simple farmers in the Chin state of Burma, but it was hard work.  He dropped out of school after the second grade in order to help on the family rice paddy where they grew just enough food to survive...

17 May 2016